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Important remark Fosdem is a free conference about free/open source software projects and has a definite no-vendor-talk stance going for nearly 10 years now. It's a techie conference heaven, set up and organized by volunteers and has seen as much as 4000 (!) visitors. So please-please-please: bring forward some high quality content. Amaze us, be awesome: we know you can!


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Send your talk proposal to - I'll format them and post here. Deadline: December 18th 2009. Process and deadlines will reorganize themselves as we proceed - since this is the first larger EU NoSQL meetup possibility, there's little predictability.




Anything NoSQL - preferably newskool nosql (as in: current and lively/active/maintained open source projects). Think CouchDB, Cassandra, HBase, Voldemort, riak, Redis, MongoDB, or conceptual/theory subjects like BigTable, Dynamo, DHTs, bloom filters, replication methods, gossip protocols, etc... Lessons learned are interesting as well, but we prefer personal lessons learned (as in you experienced yourself - no hearsay). We also want someone to present a state of the art / 'market' overview presentation, preferably with a wide-angle view on programming languages and storage models.


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Thoughts as for now:




In case we have more speakers than slots (or time), we need some arbitration. We need a jury for that. Let me know if you would like to assist me in this awkward position.