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NoSQL devroom Talks

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Important remark Fosdem is a free conference about free/open source software projects and has a definite no-vendor-talk stance going for nearly 10 years now. It's a techie conference heaven, set up and organized by volunteers and has seen as much as 4000 (!) visitors. So please-please-please: bring forward some high quality content. Amaze us, be awesome: we know you can!


Talk proposals




  • title of your talk, amount of time you need/want/prefer/could be limited to
  • short description of what you want to talk about
  • who you are, your affiliations, what nosql project you have ties/interests/issues with, previous public speaking experiences
  • coordinates: how to contact you, including mobile phone




Send your talk proposal to stevenn@outerthought.org - I'll format them and post here. Deadline: December 18th 2009. Process and deadlines will reorganize themselves as we proceed - since this is the first larger EU NoSQL meetup possibility, there's little predictability.




Anything NoSQL - preferably newskool nosql (as in: current and lively/active/maintained open source projects). Think CouchDB, Cassandra, HBase, Voldemort, riak, Redis, MongoDB, or conceptual/theory subjects like BigTable, Dynamo, DHTs, bloom filters, replication methods, gossip protocols, etc... Lessons learned are interesting as well, but we prefer personal lessons learned (as in you experienced yourself - no hearsay). We also want someone to present a state of the art / 'market' overview presentation, preferably with a wide-angle view on programming languages and storage models.


Proposals received so far


  • "My life with HBase" with Lars George
  • "The Cassandra distributed database" with Jonathan Ellis
  • "GT.M and OpenStreetMap" with George James
  • "M/DB and M/DBX: Open Source NoSQL Projects based on GT.M" with Rob Tweed
  • "NoSQL required reading list: concepts and papers you should be aware of" with Steven Noels
  • “NoSQL for Fun & Profit” with Tim Anglade. An overview presentation (~45-60 minutes) with a slight business bias, in the vein of “The Social Stack for Fun & Profit”.
  • "CouchDB , database designed for the web and more".  Quick overview of CouchDB and how to use web standards to revamp your data. by Benoit Chesneau
  • "Comparing the MapReduce way in CouchDB with the SQL way in a RDBMS" with Stéphane Combaudon
  • "Introduction to MongoDB" - Kristina Chodorow (10gen)
  • "Designing for a scalable content management system on NoSQL technologies" with Evert Arckens


Proposal ideas


  • nosql primer - one hour intro
  • market overview
  • switching from my to nosql
  • programming languages support for nosql




Thoughts as for now:


  • 7 one-hour slots (boring)
  • Mix of short (6, 30') and long (4, 60') slots
  • Have a mid-day "bash-the-project" session (ask all nasty details, have a SQL person confront NoSQL devs with some "have you thought of" questions)
  • a debate on the NoSQL branding/theme



In case we have more speakers than slots (or time), we need some arbitration. We need a jury for that. Let me know if you would like to assist me in this awkward position.

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